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"Losing Yourself in The Song Is a Beautiful Thing"

Two months have passed since Mean Melin was crowned the World Champion. Representing the international Air Guitar community has kept him busy lately - took him even to the BBC News to discuss the scientific aspect of the air guitar with a Cambridge professor - and yet he found some time to share his inspiring thoughts with us. Here's the story about a late bloomer who became the world's number one Air Guitarist. And he keeps doing us proud , that's for sure!


"It’s been two months now since I’ve had the honor of being the Air Guitar World Champion, and I have to tell you - it’s still sinking in. I had such an amazing time meeting people from all over the world who are addicted to this crazy sport/art form as much as I am.

I am a late bloomer. Five years ago was the first time I had even heard that this hilarious subculture of music fans and shame-free freaks even existed, and ever since my first competition, I have been working to spread the word as an air guitar ambassador in the U.S. I’m excited to expand that this year.


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Scientifically proven: Air Guitar Improves Creativity

Scientists at Cambridge University have concluded that playing an air instrument unlocks the creative process. Our World Champion Mean Melin discuss the matter on BBC News with a Cambridge scholar  - Watch and learn!


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Interviews, articles, videos and other funny stuff

During the long post-festival weeks, AGWC Headquarters has had the pleasure to follow the amazing stories covered on the 18th edition of Air. We gathered some best bits and pieces on Storify, check it! 

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Air Guitarists and the International Day of Peace

In the name of Air Guitar, join the International Peace Day!

Air Guitar World Championships and Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard, the Spiritual Guide in Air Guitar, encourage all the Airheads around the world to participate in the peaceful celebration on Saturday 21 September.

Your action for peace can be either huge or tiny, visible or invisible, there or in air - no pressure! Some inspirational words by our Spiritual Guide:

"Greetings fellow air heads!

As many of you may remember during the Airimonies at this year's AGWC, I spoke a bit about the power of air guitar. I specifically talked about the feeling of happiness, love and peace that we all feel during the week we spend together. If you remember, I mentioned that those feelings didn't have to stay in Oulu. Instead, we can carry those feelings throughout the year in our everyday lives. We can achieve those feelings by very simply smiling at a person on the street. Or by holding a door open for a stranger. You can even spend an entire day giving out as many high fives as you possibly can! Not only will you benefit from the feelings that you will achieve from committing these peaceful acts, but the people on the receiving end will experience those same feelings as well. In turn, they may seek to do the same for others and then we've created this infectious spread of happiness, love and peace.

This Saturday (September 21st) happens to be International Peace Day. Again, we can achieve these feelings every day, but this Satuday let's all take this opportunity to combine our powers and project some positivity into the world. If we join forces with the rest of the world who observe this day, we'll be doing our part to make the world a better place!


- Nordic Thunder

Facebook Event.


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Media Gallery: Photographs of the finalists available

Media Gallery has been updated. You will find high-resolution photographs of every finalist and the final it self in our Media Gallery. Log in with your whole name and e-mail address. Gallery can be found here.

All photos from the AGWC final are taken by photographer Maiju Torvinen, photos of the Qualifying Round fo Dark Horses are by Heidi Risto.

Make air, not war.

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American Mean Melin Rules the Air Guitar Week

American Mean Melin Rules the Air Guitar Week

Air Guitar World Championships 2013 was a tight twist to two Dark Horses. Thursday's victorious Eric "Mean Melin" Melin (US) also nailed both of his performances in the Friday's World Final - after being challenged by his countryman, Doug "The Thunder" Stroock. As a result, The Thunder's oozingly sexual air guitar moves couldn't compete with Mean Melin's straight-forward rock charisma: the Kansas-based Dave Grohl lookalike is inevidably going home with the World Title of Air Guitar and the hand-made Flying Finn electric guitar.


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Winner and results of Air Guitar World Championships 2013

1. Eric "Mean Melin" Melin (US) 34,2 (17,7)
2. Doug "The Thunder" Stroock (US) 34,2 (16,8)
3. Thom "W!ld Th!ng 37" Wilding (UK) 34,1
4. Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard (US) 34,0
5. Jason "Lt. Facemelter" Farnan (US) 33,5
6. Kereel "Your Daddy" Blumenkrants (RU) 33,3
6. Emmanuelle "Miss Issipy" Stempniakowski (BE) 33,3
6. Mitsuaki "Inogami Koushou" Inoue (JP) 33,3
9. Georgi "Photo" Nikolov (BG) 32,6
10. Corentin "Airgus" Fermont (BE) 31,6
11. Daniel "Moredrive" Oldemeier (DE) 16,4
12. Kasper "ThunderFlesh" Toernstroem (DK) 16,3
12. Altair "Rockin' Rabbit" Kassymov (KZ) 16,3
14. Benjamin "Benny Fairguson" Thiebaut (FR) 16,0
15. James "The Beast" Lowe (NL) 15,7
16. Vladlena "Ivana Rock" Kaminskaya (RU) 15,6
17. Christian "Heart Buckboard" Sweep (DE) 15,1


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Performing Order for Tonight's Finals

Performance Order – The World Final

 1. Corentin ”AIRGUS” Fermont, BE

2. Eric ”Mean Melin” Melin, US

3. Doug ”The Thunder” Stroock, US

4. Christian ”Heart Buckboard” Sweep, GE

5.  Kereel ”Your Daddy” Blumenkrants, RU

6. Benjamin ”Benny Fairguson” Thiebaut, FR

7.  Justin ”Nordic Thunder” Howard, US

8.  Jason ”Lieutenant Facemelter” Farnan, US

9. Daniel ”Moredrive” Oldemeier, DE

10. Kasper ”ThunderFlesh” Toernstroem, DK

11. Georgi ”Photo” Nikolov, BG

12. Vladlena ”Ivana Rock” Kaminskaya, RU

13. Thom ”W!ld Th!ng 37” Wilding, UK

14. Mitsuaki ”Inogami Koushou” Inoue, JP

15. Altair ”Rockin' Rabbit” Kassymov, KZ

16. James ”The Beast” Lowe, NL

17. Emmanuelle ”Miss Issipy” Stempniakowski, BE


Be ready for the live stream!

Official Air Gear Provided by Varusteleka. 

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Five Dark Horses to the Air Guitar World Final

Air Guitar World Championships started the competition rounds on Thursday 22 August with the knowingly steamy Qualifying Round, which turned out to be a high-level air guitar rival of altogether sixteen Dark Horses. The cramped up rock bar 45 Special was taken over by Eric “Mean Melin” Melin of the United States with his purely rocking performance. The other four air guitarists advancing to the World Final were Christian “Heart Buckboard” Sweep (DE), Doug “The Thunder” Stroock (US), Kereel “Your Daddy” Blumenkrants (RU) and Corentin “AIRGUS” Fermont (BE).


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Dark Horses Qualifying Round - Performance Order


  1. Chelsie ”Cannonballmavin” Jangord, US

  2. Amberley ”Amberella” Lobo, AU

  3. Amos ”The Gullitine” Gill, AU

  4. Doug ”The Thunder” Stroock, US

  5. Aline ”The Devil's Niece” Westphal, DE

  6. Corentin ”AIRGUS” Fermont, BE

  7. Makoto ”MAKOTO SATO”, JP

  8. Cecilia ”Sweet Sisu” Knodt, DE

  9. Tianji ”Pegasus” Li, CH

  10. Paul ”Pulsating Plectrum” Schofield, UK

  11. Bianca ”President Baberham Lincoln”, US

  12. Christian ”Heart Buckboard” Sweep, GE

  13. Dr. Mathias ”Eric ”Nu” Matic” Mertens, DE

  14. Eric ”Mean Melin” Melin, US

  15. Tom ”Sgt. Wrecker” Hill, AU

  16. Kereel ”Your Daddy” Blumenkrants, RU


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World Final 2013 LIVE on Webstream

The Air Guitar Finals will be streamed LIVE in cooperation with Kaleva Newspaper!

Webstream has Scribble Live to which you can send comments and/or photos. Chat hosts are world champion year 2000 Markus Vainionpää and webjournalist of Kaleva Eleonoora Rihinen. Webstream starts at 8 p.m., the competition at 8.15 p.m. (EET, UTC+3). 

You'll find the live stream here:

Send a message or picture to the screen and let the world see it!

Twitter: #airguitar
Instragram: #airguitar
SMS to: 13222

P.S. All the dark horses are soon ready for their qualifying round, stay tuned for results!

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My Home Is Where My Air Is, vol 1.

My Home Is Where My Air Is, vol 1.

Only short two weeks to go - Time to meet the national champions 2013!

This year the City of Oulu welcomed the National Air Guitar Heros to our Northern city by sending out t-shirts to each champion. We start the "Home Is Where My Air Is" series with two national champions, James "The Beast" Lowe from The Netherlands and Daniel "Moredrive" Oldemeier from Germany. 


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New Champions revealed in Germany and Russia

New Champions revealed in Germany and Russia

German Air Guitar Champion 2013, Daniel "MoreDrive"Oldemaier, photo by Kai Myller

We have two new national champions: Say hello to Daniel "MoreDrive"Oldemaier from Germany and Vladlena "Ivana Rock" Kaminskaya from Russia!

The whole Germany had its eyes on Koblenz on Saturday 13 July when the 10th German Championships culminated in the thrilling national final. According to the German Championships' organizers, the Final gathered Airficionados from all over the country and...


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German Champion 2013 to be chosen next week

German Champion 2013 to be chosen next week

The 10th German Air Guitar Championships Final will take place in the magnificent city of Koblenz on July 13th. After a long tour through the federal states of Germany over the last months, there are none but champions to enter the Circus Maximus - almost half of them women!


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National Championships happening all over the place!

The National Championships are battled in several AGWC Network countries during the following weeks:

The Russian Championships tour vistis St. Petersburg tonight where the qualifying round gets battled at Griboedov Hill club. The airy journey culminates at the Russian Final in Moscow on 29 June.

The German air guitarists will step on stage at the 10 qualifying heats organized all over the country during the summer months. The champion will be chosen at the national final at Circus Maximus in Koblenz on 13 July.


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The AGWC Enrolment Begins - Are you the next Air Guitar World Champion?

The Air Guitar World Championships 2013 sign-up is now open. Choose your song, fill out the entry form and air away!

The registration deadline is Friday 9 August, and the contestants can sign up in the competition by filling out the Entry Form here. Only the official National Champions are entitled to go straight to the World Final. Other air guitarists have a chance to win their way to the Final in the Dark Horses Qualifying Round on Thursday 22 August. Few contestants go though to the World Final to rival against the National Champions of the AGWC Network.


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Belgian and UK Champiohships This Saturday

The Belgian Championships will take place at Inc'Rock Festival this Satudray, 4 May. Last Belgium gave us altogether three finalists and the biggest bum in the history of AGWC, and we certainly have no idea what's coming next. 

More info at

UK Championships will also be battled this Saturday. The UK airheads will take over The Boston Dome in London, be there or be somewhere else feeling miserable 'cause you're not there! 

More info at and Facebook Event.


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AGWC 2013 Is Approaching!

AGWC 2013 Is Approaching!

The world’s top air guitarists will gather in Oulu, Northern Finland to compete over the mastership of the invisible instrument for the 18th time on 21-24 August. In addition to choosing the world champion on Friday 23 August at Rotuaari Square, the four-day event offers air guitar spirited side programme in the exotic Finnish environment. 

The world finalists will be chosen at the national championships battled in the Air Guitar Network countries during the following months. The dates have already been announced in UK, The United States and Germany, more details will follow!


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Airway to Heaven – Who Will be Crowned The UK's Greatest Air Guitarist?

Airway to Heaven – Who Will be Crowned The UK's Greatest Air Guitarist?

The Annual Air Guitar UK Championships 2013 Will be Held at The Dome in Tufnell Park, London on 4 May.


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Nordic Thunder live at Nordic Travel Fair

Finland has the pleasure to welcome a special visitor this week: current World Champion Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard is starring the Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki on Thursday and Friday! The World Champ can be seen at the Opening Event on Thursday, and at the PohjolaArctic stand on Friday at 12.45 p.m. & 2 p.m. 

Be there and get all Nordic on Nordic! More info on tickets and venue on Nordic Travel Fair website.


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India and Kazakhstan join the AGWC Network

Yet another beautiful year of Air Guitar has begun! The 18th edition of AGWC will be celebrated in Oulu on 21-23 August, but before the traveling to Northern Finland, the international air guitar forces will rock out from the bottom of their souls at the National Championships all over the globe. 

While waiting for the updates on the air guitar season 2013 kick-off we have the pleasure to welcome two new family members to the international AGWC Network: Say hello to India and Kazakhstan!


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