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Air Guitarists and the International Day of Peace

In the name of Air Guitar, join the International Peace Day!

Air Guitar World Championships and Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard, the Spiritual Guide in Air Guitar, encourage all the Airheads around the world to participate in the peaceful celebration on Saturday 21 September.

Your action for peace can be either huge or tiny, visible or invisible, there or in air - no pressure! Some inspirational words by our Spiritual Guide:

"Greetings fellow air heads!

As many of you may remember during the Airimonies at this year's AGWC, I spoke a bit about the power of air guitar. I specifically talked about the feeling of happiness, love and peace that we all feel during the week we spend together. If you remember, I mentioned that those feelings didn't have to stay in Oulu. Instead, we can carry those feelings throughout the year in our everyday lives. We can achieve those feelings by very simply smiling at a person on the street. Or by holding a door open for a stranger. You can even spend an entire day giving out as many high fives as you possibly can! Not only will you benefit from the feelings that you will achieve from committing these peaceful acts, but the people on the receiving end will experience those same feelings as well. In turn, they may seek to do the same for others and then we've created this infectious spread of happiness, love and peace.

This Saturday (September 21st) happens to be International Peace Day. Again, we can achieve these feelings every day, but this Satuday let's all take this opportunity to combine our powers and project some positivity into the world. If we join forces with the rest of the world who observe this day, we'll be doing our part to make the world a better place!


- Nordic Thunder

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