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#AirGuitar20 Photoshop Contest - Win Big!

2013 US Air Guitar champ Lt. Facemelter challenges you to create your own funny image.

The air guitar community is like family. And as such, family will poke fun at one another from time to time. So when we’re not busy shredding on stage, or painfully editing our next track to a perfect 60 seconds, we fire up a batch of sarcasm and head to social media to keep the fun going.


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Dutch Champion - Literally Guilty Director

10th Dutch Air Guitar Championships were hosted in De Melkweg in Amsterdam and received wide press attention.

Sita ‘The Guilty Director’ van Sante (32) became the first female Dutch Air Guitar Champion. Her stagename says it all; as a theatrical director, she is  working on a stageplay in which an air guitar player plays an important role. She asked her actors to participate, but also agreed to take part herself, hence ‘The Guilty Director’. In the qualifying round she came in third. After that, she wanted to go all the way for the title. With a mash up of songs ranging from ‘Wooly Bully’ by Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs to ‘No One Knows’ by Queens of the Stone Age, she blew away the judges by her performance, creativity and skills. The voting of the judges was unanimous. She works in Amsterdam and has two children. 

Pictures of the final can be found at the Dutch Air Guitar facebook page!




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20th Anniversary Trailer: Nothing wrong with being an idiot

To celebrate the 20 years of strong emotions and general weirdness, we published a video that shows some of the most unfogettable feedback Air Guitar World Championships has received in the past. Also check the Buzzfeed's take on the subject.


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