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Relive the 17th Air Guitar World Championships with Airnadette

Airnadette, the biggest air band in the world, delighted the audience by visiting the Air Guitar World Championships in August. The French group did not only bring their amazing performance to the World Final stage, but also captured the whole event with their camera crew. Gunther Love (world champion 2009 & 2010), Moche Pitt (first runner-up 2007), M-Rodz (first runner-up 2010), Château Brutal (19th runner-up in 2009), Scotch Brit and Jean-Françoise present the show with their expertise and crazy look on the most massive Air Guitar carnival of the year.

As a result, the airheads of France will be treated with the documentary Air Guitar World Championships by Airnadette this Tuesday. The show will be aired on Canal+ on Tuesday 23rd October at 10.50 p.m


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