National Champions 2014: Brymtime (CA)

National Champions 2014: Brymtime (CA)

Photo by Nick Cheeseman

The National Champions 2014 blog series presents the Air Guitarists who represent their country in the World Final on Friday 29 August. The T-shirts are donated by the City of Oulu that welcomes all the airheads to join the Air Guitar circus on 27-30 August.

An Air Guitar World Championships first-timer, Brymtime, will represent Canada in the World Final 2014: 

Name: Lee 'Brymtime' Brymer
Years in Air Guitar: First year
Where Do you get your Airness: Deep down inside me is a fiery passion for music, Air Guitar allows me to express that through the air, the air that surrounds us.
Oulu - Hot or Not? Describe the home of Air Guitar?: I don't really know much about Oulu, but from what I've seen from the pictures and the videos it looks like there's a lot of energy and enthusiasm around the competition, and i'm looking forward to figuring it out from there.
Name Your Air Guitar Idol: I'm so new to Air Guitar that I'm still figuring this one out. 
Greetings to the Air Guitar Family: Greetings from Canada, looking forward to meeting you, rocking out with you and having a pint after.


Tue 19 Aug 2014


craig ums on Wed 20.08.2014 20:35 (#1)
Congratulations, Brymtime!
Best of luck to you in Oulu!

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