Lady Liberty is the German Champion 2014

Rhein Zeitung was present at the German Air Guitar Championships in Koblenz last Saturday

Ladies and gentlemen, Air Guitar World Championships proudly presents the first confirmed act of the 2014 line-up: Lady Liberty from Germany!

The German Championships final was held at Circus Maximus in Koblens last Saturday. The qualified Air Guitarists competed over fame, glory and the golden ticket to the World Championships. As the Rhein Zeitung reportage shows, there was no lack of imagination nor style. But there was one above them all - one with a special, 'unglaubliche stage precense'. That certain someone is the brand new German Champion, Lady Liberty, who will represent her country at the World Championships in August. 

The 19th Air Guitar World Championships will be held in Oulu on 27-30 August. Lady Liberty and other National Champions will climb on the World Final stage at Rotuaari Square on Friday 29 August. Programme details will be published in May, stay tuned! 

Wed 23 Apr 2014


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