The Season Kick-off in Belgium

Belgians, those early birds of the AGWC Network, were the ones who started the Air Guitar season also in 2012. The first regional contest was held in Liege on 25 February, and this is how it looked like:

The most successful air guitarist of the evening was Serj Obdarchkan who won his way to the national final.

From Liege the journey continued to the beautiful capital of the country. Air Guitars screeched wildly in Brussels on 8 March:


Both fans and judges loved Penne Kook who got the highest scores of the evening and will compete on the Belgium's highest air guitar title at the final on July. 

Third regionals were held in Namur on 17 March, the best of the bestest moments of the night can be seen here:


Before the few weeks' break, the AG Belgium Caravan visited in Charleroi. In addition to inevitable Airness, the audience witnessed some extreme wickedness:


As we can see, Belgium has already gone wild, and this is only the beginning! The next stop will take place in Courtrai on 28 April. Six cities to go before the massive final in July, we can't wait to see more!

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Thu 5 Apr 2012


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