The Air Guitarist of the Month: Nordic Thunder, vol. 1

The Air Guitarist of the Month: Nordic Thunder, vol. 1

Hear ye, hear ye! To keep up the good airy spirit while waiting for national finals to bring new masters of air, AGWC launches The Air Guitarist of the Month blog. As the first air guitarist to share his thoughts about air guitarring, humanity and love and how are these things combined, is mr. June,  Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard, reigning US champion. AGWC office wishes all of you a pleasant and airy season!


Without Moms, there would be no air guitarists.  In 2011 my Mom got witness her first air guitar competition.  After my regional performance, 2008 World Champion Hot Lixx Hulahan said to a sold out audience, “The only thing that would have made that better was if your Mom was here.  Oh wait, she is.  Ladies and gentlemen, Thunder Mother!”  My Mom was decked out like any Mom would be at their four year old kid’s talent show, adorned in a Nordic Thunder t-shirt and covered in air guitar buttons, she stood on top of a table and raised her arms.  The audience began chanting “Thunder!  Mother! Thunder! Mother!”  At that moment my Mom became a witness to something us air guitarists see all the time.  She witnessed how a room full of strangers could immediately become her friend.  She felt the love and joy gushing through the room, and for a moment she herself even felt like a rock star.  If you’ve ever competed in an air guitar competition, you know that feeling.  Air guitarists are the most supportive loving human beings on the planet.

“Thunder Mother” partied hard into the night with her new found air guitar friends, and declared that she would make the trip back to Chicago so she could be at the U.S. finals later that summer.  Since the finals were in my hometown in 2011, I offered my apartment as a place for anyone who wanted to stay.  The week of the finals my floor was littered with air guitarists.  “Thunder Mother” didn’t take long to become friends with each of them, and they all treated her like one of our own.  My Mom again was surrounded by that air guitar love we all know so well.

That loving feeling carried on into the competition, and on July 23rd 2011 in front of a sold out crowd, I made my Mother proud.  Probably the most proud she’s ever been of her longhaired bearded son.  After the competition ended my Mom was brought up to play Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘s “Freebird” on stage with the entire USAG family.  Not only was she proud, but I myself was proud too.  I was, and still am, proud to be part of group of people who are so supportive of each other and such genuinely good-hearted people.  I strongly believe that if everyone treated one another the way that air guitarists treat each other, the world would be a better place.  Even if it’s through one person (or Mom) at a time, air guitar can and will change the world.

Wed 13 Jun 2012


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