Nordic Thunder Wants YOU!

AGWC is happy announce that our beloved silver medalist from 2011, Nordic Thunder, is starring the Finnish Air Guitar Championships tour in April! Welcome home, Nordic, Finland is lucky to have you back!

AG Finland & the City of Oulu seeks the best Finnish Air Guitarists this month by visiting six cities: 

18 April - Bar Loose, Helsinki
19 April - YO-Talo, Tampere 
21 April - Klubi, Turku
26 April - Kauppayhtiö, Rovaniemi 
27 April - Musta Kynnys, Jyväskylä 
28 April - 45 Special, Oulu 

The national final will take place in nowhere less than in Oulu, the World Capital of Air Guitar, on Saturday 28 April. More info and registration at

Fri 6 Apr 2012


Willy Wantmore on Sat 07.04.2012 14:52 (#1)
HEYYYYY, good to see you didi it!!!! can't wait to come to the AGWC!!!
Lancaster on Tue 17.04.2012 12:58 (#2)
Hi, looks very good. I thought Magic Cyclops was funny on a recent episode of American Idol

Good luck :)
Ritesh on Sun 22.04.2012 01:46 (#3)
I read this with a smile as I have been experimenting in the ckeihtn with Scandinavian recipes. My mom is of Swedish & Danish decent and my children's father is Swedish & Norwegian. I did not grow up eating traditional Scandinavian food, but we introduced when to it from my then in-laws. I have always been able to make a mean Swedish meatball and pancake, but didn't stray too much from there. This year I have been baking traditional Skandi cookies lots of cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and good old cinnamon. Next up Polish cookies to celebrate my son-in-law's heritage:)
Tammie on Sat 05.05.2012 21:10 (#4)
I'm one of your Mom's old friends from Cincinnati, I was Barb's sister-in-law. I met you at a family funtion in Indy a while back, my kids still remember the burn marks on the top of your feet from sliding.. We love you Justin, we need Nordic Thunder t-shirts to purchase. How bout it?
Nordic Thunder on Wed 13.06.2012 18:16 (#5)
Tammie! I don't have any shirts at the time, but If I get some made I will certainly send some your way. Eat some Skyline chili for me, tell your kids I said hello, and to keep on rockin' in a free world!

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