Japan is back!

Air Guitar World Championships is very delighted to tell that after a long and lonely year, our Japanese friends are back on airy track!

After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku area, organizing the Air Guitar contest in Japan has been challenging due to socioeconomic situation. Joint organizers City of Sendai and City of Oulu / Business Oulu, and the official Air Guitar World Championships, Airnest Productions Ltd., Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center, and Finpro have given their support and contribution to make it possible to organize the Japanese Air Guitar competition again this year.

Two qualifying rounds have already carried out in Tokyo, and there is still a chance to participate one qualifying competition in Osaka to enter the National Final that is held in Sendai on Mon 6th August during the period of the traditional Tanabata festival.

City of Sendai is one of the affected towns due to 2011 disaster and is the partner city of Oulu.

Nove "Baksheesh Itabashi" Matsuyama in Dark Horses Qualifying Round, AGWC 2011. Photo: Riku Turkki.

Mon 9 Jul 2012


Tukka-Jumal on Fri 13.07.2012 14:24 (#1)
Ou jea! Welcome back JAPAN!!
prakash tamang on Fri 27.07.2012 10:12 (#2)
i'wanna fan of guitar n i love so much...........

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