Good Old New Champs!

Air Guitar World Championships is proud to announce the wide global
audience the first confirmed national champions of 2012 for the Grand Final in
Oulu, Finland on Aug 24th:

Estonia: Andro "Range-Air Estoned" Urb confirmed his second Estonian championship in a row by melting faces by very airy movement in Rabarock Festival. Amongst the 10 air guitarists, Andro convinced the audience most and is traveling to Finland again!

Czech Republic: Veronika “Like Ever Gin” Müllerová nailed it and yes, we're going to see that braid-head who achieved the World bronze last year also this year in Oulu!

This weekend also Belgium, Russia and Ukraine will have their national championships' finals, so new masters of air will be announced next week!

Thu 5 Jul 2012


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