Dark Horses performance order

 1. Seth Leibowitz
2. Kereel “Your Daddy” Blumenkranz
3. Clay “The Ranga Banga” Connolly
4. Frederic “Fred Hot Chilli Poppers” de Vincelles
5. Magic Cyclops
6. Merlin “Lester 'Lixx' Dickson” Schumacher
7. Katariina “Kat” Kynnös
8. Guy “The Bandit” Thompson
9. Thomas “Tommy String” Rossi
10. Gustav "Latino Loco" Andersen Salinas
11. Chelsie “Cannonball Mavin'” Jangord
12. Henna “Hennadrix” Hanhineva
13. Raphael “Willy Wantmore” Monnanteuil
14. Marko “Miss Ankee” Stjärnvall
15. Then “Tremelo Theun” de Jong
16. Jens “Dirt Devil” Weber
17. Vaatu “Angelair” Kalajoki
18. Mathias “Eric 'Nu' Matic” Mertens
19. Linse “The Viking Princess” Kessler
20. Doug “The Thunder” Stroock
21. Jan “Geeky Gisbert” Fischer
22. Corentin “AirGus” Fermont
23. Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard

Thu 1 Jan 1970


Anonymous on Sat 25.08.2012 12:16 (#1)
some really amazing performers did not get it to the finals, see fotos <http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.102308219920730.7410.100004246566239&type=1&l=e1bb7d2fe8>

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