A Dark Horse Wins the Highest Title in Air Guitar

A Dark Horse Wins the Highest Title in Air Guitar

American Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard convinced both judges and the audience at the 17th Air Guitar World Championships final at Rotuaari Square in Oulu, Northern Finland on Friday 24 August. Second time was the charm for Nordic Thunder who competed at the world final as US Champion in 2011, and got through to the final this year from the Dark Horses Qualifying Round that was battled on Thursday 23 August in Oulu. Nordic Thunder’s countryman Matt “Airistotle” Burns scored the second, and the third place was taken over by Theun "Tremelo Theun" de Jong form The Netherlands.

Air Guitar World Championship Final 2012 results, all the participants:

1. Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard, 34,6 (US)
2. Matt "Airistotle" Burns, 34,4 (US)
3. Theun "Tremelo Theun" de Jong, 34,3 (NL)
4. Andro "The Void" Urb, 34,2 (EE)
5. Jaakko "The Colossal" Härkönen, 33,5 (FI)
6. Takehito "Choco Bat Ukai" Saito, 33,4 (JP)
7. Ephraim "The Fame Flame" Noer, 33,3 (DK)
7. Veronika "Like Ever Gin" Müllerova, 33,3 (CZ)
7. Corentin "AirGus" Fermont, 33,3 (BE)
8. Aline "Devil's Niece" Westphal, 32,8 (DE)
9. Vincent "V-Snyder" Bekaert, 16,4 (FR)
9. Jonathan "Juan Nightstand" Morales 16,4 (UK)
10. Quinten "The Great PretendAir" Rutgers 16,3 (NL)
11. Jan "Geeky Gisbert" Fischer 16,2 (DE)
11. Marie "Moldy Peach" von Borstel 16,2 (DE)
11. Artem "Olympian" Chernov 16,2 (RU)
12. Raphaël "Willy Wantmore" Monnanteuil 16,1 (BE)
12. Bryan "Telerockbies" Antoine 16,1 (BE)

See the details on the official press release.

Sat 25 Aug 2012


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