entry for the 2019 qualifiers opens during Spring!



2018 info: 

The 23rd Air Guitar World Championships is held on 22-24 August in Oulu, Finland. The National Champions from all around the world have already won their spots at the World Final held on Friday Aug 24.

The Dark Horses' Qualifying Round is the last chance to get to the World Final. The qualifier is held at 45 Special on Thursday 23 August. If you have entered the Dark Horse competition by deadline, please read carefully the instructions and rules below. 

The most talented dark horses will go through to the World Final and challenge the National Champions as well as last year's World Champion. Only the official National Championships and the defending World Champion go directly to the World Final. 


Choose Your Song and Send It to Us

Send us your one-minute competition clip beforehand in .wav or .aiff format. To make sure that the quality is high enough, please check that the settings are 44.1 kHz, 16-bit & stereo. Also note that we cannot accept the songs in .mp3 format.

You can either edit the clip yourself or send us a copy of your song with the preferred starting point, but note that the clip is not allowed to exceed one minute. Please don't use any volume maximisers, excessive compression,excessive limiting or drastig eq's on master when bouncing the files (if you use these, please try to leave some headroom to file).

Your song will played on big sound system and dynamics are most important thing to maintain as most of the songs are already mastered. All the songs will played on same SPL so trying to make track play loud doesnt't help here. Thank you!

Send your song as a digital file either by downloading it via the Entry Form or  by email at songs(at)airguitarworldchampionships.com

Please note that your song must be delivered by Friday 10th August. The songs are needed beforehand for testing. We can't guarantee that the songs sent after the deadline can be played in the AGWC contests, so please make sure that you deliver your songs in time. 

You can play different songs in the Qualifying Round and the Final. Please mark clearly on the clip, whether it's for the Qualifying Round and/or the Final.

NOTE! Airnest Productions is not responsible for copyright clearance of your song. The contestant must clear the copyrights of the song before sending it to Airnest Productions.

Make the Payment

The participation fee for Air Guitar World Championships is 25 euros. 


Plan Your Trip

AGWC Headquarters strongly recommends: Arrive on Tuesday and don't leave before Sunday. We'll take good care of you! 

The Dark Horses' Qualifying Round is held on Thursday 243h August. The contestants' info meeting is held on Thursday afternoon.

All Dark Horses are invited to Airientation on Wednesday 22nd, so if you want to make the most of your experience, make sure that you arrive in Oulu in time! The unofficial warm-up get-together is held on Tuesday evening. If your entourage wishes to join the Airientation as well, please see more information (coming soon!) of the Extra programme.

If you have any questions about, well just about anything concerning Air Guitar World Championships, please contact us.


Air Guitar is all about surrendering to the music without having an actual instrument. Anyone can taste rock stardom by playing the Air Guitar. No equipment is needed, and there is no requirement for any specific place or special skills. In Air Guitar playing all people are equal regardless of race, gender, age, social status or sexual orientation.

The Air Guitar World Championships and all the national competitions held in connection with it obey the following rules:

1. Invisible Instrument

The instrument of the contestant must be invisible, i.e. air.

The contestant can use either an electric or an acoustic air guitar - or both.

2. Finalists

The champions of the national competitions are admitted directly into the Grand Final.
The reigning world champion is admitted directly into the Grand Final, should s/he wish to defend his/her championship.

All the other contestants have to participate in the Oulu Qualifying Round. Only independent contestants can participate in the Qualifying Round: Participants sent from unlicensed Air Guitar Contests (contests outside the licensed AGWC Network) are not allowed to compete in the Dark Horses Qualifying Round. 

In the Qualifying Round each of the contestants will perform one song of his/her own choice. The duration of the song is 60 seconds. The number of contestants to be admitted to the Grand Final is specified yearly by the OMVF. The jury chooses the most eligible contestants to participate in the Grand Final.

3. Program of the Competition

In the Grand Final the contestants perform two songs in two separate rounds. The duration of the songs is 60 seconds each. The rounds are:

Round 1: Optional song, edited to match the duration requirement of 60 seconds, and submitted to the organizers two (2) weeks before the competition. The song must be submitted in the format specified by the organizers.

Round 2: Obligatory song/songs (60 seconds), which the contestants hear only immediately before entering the Grand Final.

In the Grand Final the contestants chosen in the Qualifying Round perform first, in an order determined by drawing lots. After this the national champions perform, also in an order determined by drawing lots.

4. Jury of the Competition

Jury of the Air Guitar World Championships will be selected by the event organizer. The organizers asks the jury to consider the following aspects of the contestants’ performances when making their decisions: Originality, the ability to be taken over by the music, stage presence, technical merit, artistic impression and airness.

Each member of the jury gives marks from 4.0 to 6.0 for a performance. The points scored by a contestant from both rounds are added together, and the contestant thus receiving the highest total score wins.

5. Additional Details

Personal air roadies are allowed.

Back-up bands - air or real - are not allowed.

There is no dress code, and the contestants may use props as they wish. (However, any real musical instruments are forbidden.)

The contestant is obligated to sign a contestant contract with Airnest Productions Ltd. The contract defines the contestant's rights and duties, Airnest Productions Ltd. will send the contract to the contestant by email after receiving the registration.

The contestant is responsible for clearing the rights to edit the contest song/s and other possible copyrights linked to his/her performance. 

The contestant may use a real pick or even play in a finger picking style.


Airnest Productions Ltd. reserves the right to change these rules.

The purpose of the Air Guitar World Championships is to promote world peace. According to the ideology of the Air Guitar, wars would end, climate change stop and all bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar. This is why the whole universe is invited to play the Air Guitar for the world peace at the end of the competition.


Oulu - the Capital of Northern Scandinavia. Breath-taking nature, world-leading technological expertise, cutting-edge university research. Young people and rich cultural life with a cool Finnish spirit. Big city character with a small town coziness. Real innovation means entering the unknown darkness - exceed your expectations in Oulu.